worker mobility

A Study In Equitably Expanding Public Transit

Access to transportation is a critical factor for equity. In Northeast Ohio, too many residents, often in communities of color, face the paradox of ‘No car, no job. No job, no car,’


Economic Development Nonprofit Offering Prizes for Transportation Solutions

The Fund is putting $1 million behind an effort to help solve what it calls the Transportation Paradox.


Putting NEO Workers on the Map

Worker mobility or transportation to available employment stands as a barrier for many people who live in urban areas.


Paradox Prize Seeks Inventive Transportation Solutions

If you have no car, you can’t get a job. If you have no job, you can’t buy a car. 


Solutions Sought to Ease NEO Worker Mobility Obstacles

“The time and cost spent on daily commutes make it harder to advance in work and reduces the quality of life.”

Fund for our Economic Future