paradox prize

Getting from Here to There

In today’s tight labor market, your next best welder, computer programmer or nurse aid may not have a vehicle to get to you.


Ending the ‘no car, no job; no job, no car’ paradox in Northeast Ohio

Northeast Ohio is a region built for the car, evidenced by cross-cutting freeways and huge parking lots that dominate the landscape.


Paradox Prize Round 2 Winners Announced

Round 3 deadline extended to January 15, 2020


Cuyahoga County, the Cleveland Foundation Join as Sponsors of The Paradox Prize

The County’s Board of Control has approved a $100,000 investment in the public challenge, while the Cleveland Foundation has made a $50,000 grant.


Paradox Prize Winners Announced

Manufacturing Works, Akron METRO and SHARE Receive Round 1 Awards


The Paradox Prize Seeks Solutions to Improve Worker Mobility in Northeast Ohio

The Paradox Prize seeks to invest in big ideas that help Northeast Ohioans who are stranded economically by their geography.

The Fund for our Economic Future