Job creation

Opportunity is Knocking

Public and civic leaders are launching a prospectus aimed at attracting Opportunity Zones investments.


The Two Tomorrows

Being average is a choice. So is being extraordinary. The Two Tomorrows defines regional priorities for a better tomorrow.


Job Creation Growth & Opportunity Impact Assessment

In 2017, we set out to better understand whether the jobs, payroll and capital gains of our job creation grantees advance Growth & Opportunity.


Growth & Opportunity: A Call to Action

This report offers a snapshot of Northeast Ohio’s economy and defines strategies to advance economic growth and equitable access to opportunity.


Growth & Opportunity Framing Paper

This paper highlights research linking economic inequality and economic growth and offers a collaborative framework for addressing this issue.


What Matters to Metros

This report evaluates the economic performance of 115 metros from 1990 to 2011 and sheds light on the factors most critical to advancing growth.

The Fund for our Economic Future