Our Fund prides itself on the strength of its member network. Indeed, our members constitute one of the most robust civic leadership networks in Northeast Ohio—a network that crosses sector and geographic boundaries, and extends beyond individual organizations to touch many, many more. Need proof? Look no further than our 2015 Annual Report and Network Map (suitable for framing!).

We think it aptly illustrates the depth and breadth of our member network, but also brings in sharp relief the know-how we’ve honed over our 12-plus years as a collaboration:

  • We know how to build and leverage our networks.
  • We know how to understand and prioritize complex economic issues.
  • We know how to build and support collaborations.
  • We know how to foster effective new initiatives.
  • We know how to leverage financial resources.

In the pages of our report, we share how we put this know-how to use. We hope you read it with interest, and feel compelled to frame that map and hang it in a prominent place. In fact, send us a photo of where you put it, or of you with it at some location around the region, or with one of your network partners, and we’ll post it on our Facebook page!

Thank you for your continued support in our quest for a regional economy where all people—not just some—prosper.