Our organizational commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion is rooted in who we are, how we work and what we work on; we are committed to continuous improvement in each of the following areas.


We value diversity of people and thought. This means we strive to bring a wide range of people and perspectives into our work, through our board and staff leadership, the partners we work with and support, and the suppliers we use.


Advancing equity is about reducing and eliminating disparities by race—in the leadership positions of the board and staff; in the partners with whom we work; and in the outcomes we seek to advance through our initiatives.


We strive to be not only a diverse and equitable organization but an inclusive one, where diverse people and ideas are embraced and accessibility and transparency are prioritized. Inclusion is about the environments we create so that new ideas and ways of thinking and working flourish and diverse individuals want to be connected to and support our work.