Because we prioritize long-term, systemic change, major efforts we support typically take five to 10 years to move from initial exploration to incubation to maturation. Our 2022-2024 Strategic Direction calls for us to both support exploration of emerging initiatives (see “Where are the Workers?”) to continue to be at the forefront of “what’s next” as well as push forward a number of existing major initiatives. These include:

  • Advancing a food tech hub growth plan in the Opportunity Corridor of Cleveland
  • Developing an approach to systemically improve the wraparound support system, bridging between social service providers and state agencies
  • Leading the talent initiative of the Cleveland Innovation Project, which is working to increase the volume and diversity of STEM tech talent
  • Identifying and supporting potential community investment fund opportunities in ready communities
  • Influencing site decisions by integrating job hubs into the selection strategies and organizational performance metrics of key partners
  • Supporting system alignment, service integration and continuous improvement using data to promote and implement worker mobility innovations

We’re able to advance a robust portfolio of innovative initiatives through an unparalleled civic network of organizations and people who share our vision for a growing Northeast Ohio economy creating good jobs and rising incomes for everyone, regardless of race or place. If you’d like to learn more or get involved in our work, please contact us.