Building skills and paving pathways to better jobs

Our Approach

There are an abundance of job seekers and an abundance of vacant positions going unfilled in Northeast Ohio. The problem lies in a mismatch between the expressed demand for workers among employers and the skills of job seekers looking to fill these roles.

To address this mismatch, we are focusing on supporting sector partnerships and promoting career pathways to good jobs.

A national best practice, sector partnerships seek to better understand demand and link employers to talent through workforce intermediary organizations. Workforce Connect in Cuyahoga County, and ConxusNEO in Summit County, are examples of this model that we support. Both are working to convene employers and guide industry-wide workforce development efforts within the region’s manufacturing, health care and information technology sectors.

Another key factor in securing good jobs for people is eliminating barriers to employment. The Fund will continue to support specific job preparation initiatives that have the potential to transform the job placement and advancement landscape. This approach includes the support of work that addresses the impact of collateral sanctions, or restrictions on employment for those with a record, and other systems of racial exclusion.

Job Access

“Job preparation is a team sport requiring high performance and increased alignment across a variety of institutions.”

- The Two Tomorrows

Key Job Preparation Partners

Towards Employment
Workforce Connect
National Fund for Workforce Solutions

Our Fund is a proud regional partner of the National Fund for Workforce Solutions, which provides technical assistance and resources to advance collaborative workforce strategies. Learn more about the National Fund here.

Job Preparation Research