Bringing jobs to people and people to jobs

Our Approach

The vitality of Northeast Ohio’s economy depends on its ability to connect people to good jobs. We believe this requires two complementary approaches:

  • Bringing jobs to people through the development of regional job hubs, equitable investment parameters for Opportunity Zones and other development incentives; and
  • Bringing people to jobs by fostering a range of mobility solutions that better connect people to where jobs are today.

Our success measures include improved access to good jobs for our region’s communities of color.

Northeast Ohio Job Access

“Increasing access to jobs will require changes in development, land use, transportation, and other policies and practices that incentivize the outmigration of jobs, perpetuate institutional racism and exacerbate economic disparity.”

- The Two Tomorrows

Key Job Access Efforts

Job Hubs

Job hubs are specific places of concentrated economic activity in a region, defined by a high number of traded-sector jobs and employers as well as an alignment with local development patterns and civic priorities. The Fund and its partners have identified job hubs across Northeast Ohio and are working together to strengthen them. Learn more about what job hubs are, why they matter and where they exist at

The Paradox Prize

No car, no job. No job, no car: This transportation paradox increasingly plagues Northeast Ohio’s workforce, and sustained economic growth cannot be achieved until we solve it. In June 2019, the Fund, along with the National Fund for Workforce Solutions, Greater Cleveland Partnership, The Lozick Family Foundation, Cuyahoga County, the Cleveland Foundation, and DriveOhio, launched The Paradox Prize, a $1 million public challenge to invest in big ideas that improve the mobility of Northeast Ohio’s workers. Learn more at

Job Access Research