We Build Awareness

We supported seven major reports from 2016-2018 to raise awareness of what good economic growth is.


Further Collaboration

We have convened leaders to support strategic collaborations in local communities around the region.


and Support Initiatives

We awarded more than $7.25 million from 2016-2018 to specific initiatives to improve the economy.

To Promote Growth & Opportunity for All

Everything we do is designed to increase both economic growth and access to opportunity for the people of Northeast Ohio—an approach we call Growth & Opportunity. This means we focus on systemic solutions that prioritize and integrate Job Creation, Job Preparation and Job Access strategies, with deliberate attention to reducing and eliminating race-based inequities in employment and income.

Growth & Opportunity

Strategies for Growth & Opportunity

Job Creation

Our research-backed approach to job creation focuses on growing the traded sector and supporting innovation so that we might reach our potential as a region.

Job Preparation

In supporting sector partnerships and high quality jobs, we can ensure Northeast Ohio’s workforce meets employer demand and earns a family-sustaining wage.

Job Access

Decades of outward migration have led to untenable commutes for residents. We must pursue a two-pronged approach of bringing jobs to people and people to jobs.

For more information on the research behind these strategies and how we are pursuing them, download The Two Tomorrows here.