What We Do

Everything we do is designed to increase both economic growth
and access to opportunity for the people of Northeast Ohio.

  • We conduct, support and promote fact-based research and analysis, leveraging expertise in equitable economic growth and ensuring our efforts are grounded in what matters.
  • Through these insights, we develop and pilot initiatives to demonstrate what works to advance more inclusive economic outcomes for Northeast Ohioans, regardless of race or place.
  • We use these outcomes to influence agendas of business, nonprofit, public, and civic leaders across the region and to prepare for what’s next, prioritizing long-term, systemic change.

Our Areas of Focus

Our portfolio of work focuses on:

  • Growing inclusive clusters by supporting the development of new industries with the potential for growth and with good jobs accessible to all.
  • Making workforce systems work better for people, ultimately connecting more people to career pathways with high-wage potential.
  • Building new wealth creation models and breaking the notion that growth is bad for neighborhoods by testing the feasibility of community investment funds.
  • Bringing jobs to people by changing the factors informing company site decisions, moving from a region marked by no-growth sprawl to one growing in strategic job hubs.
  • Connecting people to jobs by promoting greater and more innovative transportation options, ultimately becoming a region where mobility options abound.

Learn more about our 2022-2024 strategic priorities and initiatives here.