Since our inception, we have prided ourselves on our distinctive skills and capabilities, and known there was something special about our collaboration. We are “more than a piggy bank.” 

1.) We know how to build and leverage our networks. Our members and their boards constitute one of the most robust civic leadership networks in Northeast Ohio, a network that crosses sector and geographic boundaries. Leveraging this network greatly enhances our ability to drive change.

2.) We know how to understand and prioritize complex economic issues. We have invested significantly in understanding “What Matters” and what works for long-term economic competitiveness. Our applied knowledge can be used to raise important issues, inform better choices, and move the community toward action.

3.) We know how to build collaborations. Our Fund has championed collaboration since our inception and promoted networks as one of our pirmary themes. We have convened groups to pursue joint initiatives and supported them through their growing pains. We have deep, practical experience building, managing and supporting effective collaborations at all phases of their lifecycles, perhaps more so than any other group in the region.

4.) We know how to foster effective new initiatives. Drawing upon the expertise, commitment and energy of our members, we have proactively developed and shaped new initiatives to effectively advance our region’s economic competitiveness.

5.) We know how to leverage financial resources. We have efficiently and effectively leveraged philanthropic resources by mobilizing and aligning funding, and by measuring and evaluating in order to enable course-correction. Historically, we have mobilized financial resources through our pooled membership funds; increasingly, we are actively attracting additional financial support for priority work. We are also positioned to promote greater financial sustainability of the systems within which we work, by broadening the funding tools deployed.