The only way to get different outcomes

is to do things differently.


This members-only page was created to help you familiarize yourself with our 2022-2024 Strategy and prepare you for our final board meeting of 2021, on Wednesday, December 15, from 9 a.m. to noon at Cuyahoga Community College (RSVP here if you haven’t already done so). In the second half of the meeting, we will seek your approval of several large grants to support efforts on which we have been building the last few years and that are critical components of our next strategic phase. We will end the meeting with final approval of our strategy for the next three years. To help frame the work that is in flight as well as the work that lies ahead, we’ve assembled a self-guided tour of the key components of our 2022-2024 Strategy and feature initiatives. You’ll find the information is presented in a variety of quick-hitting formats, including podcast recordings and short videos and featuring various staff and partners.

If you have any questions ahead of the meeting, please feel free to reach out to any staff member or use the form below and someone on the team will respond.

Happy navigating!