This post originally appeared on the GAR Foundation blog on March 2.

When the Fund for Our Economic Future says it’s committed to Growth & Opportunity what does that mean for greater Akron? If we’re successful in our quest, it means more people participating in and benefiting from our region’s economic growth.

Our Fund, which is made up of nearly 50 members from across Northeast Ohio, including the GAR Foundation and several others in Summit County, is dedicated to advancing economic growth and equitable access to opportunity for the people of Northeast Ohio. Our members use their dollars and leadership to collectively advance strategies that (1) create good jobs, (2) prepare people for the jobs of today and tomorrow, and (3) promote better access to those jobs. 
In greater Akron, our work is focused in three areas specifically:
1.) Leveraging Regional Economic Strategies
Regional business development organizations, supported by the Fund, work with local partners in Akron and Summit County to maximize the outcomes generated by their respective economic strategies. The Fund helps create connections between regional organizations and Akron area efforts, evaluating outcomes generated by these organizations, which support:
High-Growth Ventures: JumpStart provides capital, mentorship and technical resources to high-growth potential companies. It works in partnership with Akron-based organizations that also support such companies, including the Akron Global Business Accelerator and the Akron Urban League.
Manufacturing Innovation: Small to mid-sized manufacturers in Summit County have access to product and process innovation services provided through the PRISM program offered by MAGNET, a regional organization that supports the manufacturing industry. Partners in the program include the University of Akron and the Greater Akron Chamber of Commerce.
Bioscience Industry Growth: BioEnterprise partners with the Austin BioInnovation Institute of Akron and others to assist early-stage bioscience companies in Summit County to grow. BioEnterprise, which has helped startups in the region for more than a decade, is also developing strategies to help more established companies grow. 
To contine reading about the other ways our Fund works to promote Growth & Opportunity in Akron, click here.