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2021 Impact Report

2021 Impact Report: Connecting the Dots Our 2021 Impact Report demonstrates how our Fund forges connections to advance our mission.

Why Did 400,000+ Quit Jobs in Region? It’s Complicated, Study Finds

While there are many anecdotal answers, Bethia Burke, president of Fund for Our Economic Future, says her organization went looking for the real reasons here in northeastern Ohio.


Paradox Prize pilot programs aim to attract and retain employees

The program is one of eight first piloted as part of The Paradox Prize program, which offered $75,000 to help get the program off the ground.


Job Sprawl Spillover

And that’s for workers who can commute by car. The Fund for Our Economic Future, in a 2015 report called “The Geography of Jobs” cites research showing that a job in Northeast Ohio that is 20 minutes away for a car commuter is almost 75 minutes away for a typical transit commuter.


The value of people, the power of place

Paying attention to what workers say matters. Even with concerns about a coming recession, talent shortages persist.

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