Archives for May 20, 2022

GAR Foundation awards more than $2.25 million to local nonprofits

The Fund for Our Economic Future, which received a grant of $500,000 over three years, is designed to increase “economic growth and access to opportunity for the people of Northeast Ohio.”


We finally know what happened to all those Cleveland workers in the Great Resignation: Today in Ohio

And this was a survey of nearly 5,000 working adults across 11 counties in Northeast Ohio. And basically it shows that the great resignation is far from over.


In Ohio, a New Tool Maps the Equity and Sustainability of Potential Business Locations

When companies evaluate potential locations for starting or expanding their operations, they typically consider factors including the costs to build or relocate in the area; risks


Will people rejoin the workforce? How many workers will quit this year? Survey of 5,000 Northeast Ohioans offers clues

CLEVELAND, Ohio — Despite the all the turnover during the “Great Resignation,” 1-in-5 workers in the Northeast Ohio are still thinking of quitting in the next year.


Courting Talent: Empathy as a Competitive Advantage

The data emerging from this survey offer an unprecedented look into the hearts and minds of Northeast Ohio’s workforce, with statistically significant insights into residents of 11 counties that we can examine through nearly endless permutations of demographics, geography and industry.

The Fund for our Economic Future