Our Work

Our Fund’s efforts to realize a more inclusive Northeast Ohio economy center on three interrelated issues,

job creationjob preparation and job access, with an explicit focus on strategies that lead to more racially-equitable outcomes.

How do we work?

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Champion Inclusive Growth

Since inception, the Fund has provided a 10,000-foot view on the Northeast Ohio economy. Building on research and nearly two decades of experience, we drive awareness of what good economic growth looks like and how to make it possible.

Conduct Research & Analysis

Our members and the community at large make better decisions when they have access to clear data and analysis on what matters and what works. The Fund’s research and analysis–whether commissioned or done in house–challenges assumptions and lends critical insight to economic activity across the region.

Support System Improvements

We work on systemic solutions, which take time and typically don’t fit neatly onto the pages of annual reports! But ultimately, it is systemic change that leads to real transformation.

Convene & Strategize

The complexity and interplay of factors influencing economic growth means the decisions of individual actors have limited impact. The Fund’s role as a convener—bringing together members, partner organizations, grantees, and other civic and local leaders to share knowledge and explore broader systems change—has been a critical part of our work since our inception.

Incubate New Ideas

We are a hands-on grantmaker, co-creating and incubating new ideas to put theories into practice. By prioritizing initiatives where we play an active role in the start-up, we can nimbly refine and adjust promising efforts as needed and work quickly to replicate successes to maximize impact.