What’s Ahead

A great strength of the Fund is
the dynamic nature of our organization.

Though our mission and vision stay constant
and we recognize our work together is long-term,
we evolve our approach—sometimes dramatically—to meet the needs of the time.


ince our inception, we’ve engaged in a strategic planning process every three years. The world can change a lot in that time (a reality more apparent now than at any point in recent memory). As we embark on the planning of our next phase of work in 2022-2024, we are asking:

Who does the Fund need to be now to best support a continuously regenerating economy creating good jobs and rising incomes for everyone?

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At the end of 2020, we commissioned a survey of key stakeholders about our work and our effectiveness to better understand where we add the most value and where there are opportunities to improve. This external feedback, along with member input, will influence a draft strategy this summer that will ultimately be adopted as our roadmap for our next phase. Whatever the future holds, this strategy will ensure that the Fund remains adaptive. As hard-earned and costly as they were to our region, the lessons of 2020 will serve us well.

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