Our Vision

a continuously regenerating

A continuously regenerating economy has the prospect of sustained, long-term economic growth, propelled by a growing traded sector.

It is also forward-looking, with innovative new ideas developed by a strong cohort of growing, young firms.

Source: The Two Tomorrows

Northeast Ohio economy

Our Region

We work across the 18 counties of Northeast Ohio, in and around the metropolitan areas of Akron, Canton, Cleveland, and Youngstown. This region encompasses roughly 4 million people and generates $238 billion in annual gross regional product.

creating good jobs

We define good jobs as those that pay a family-sustaining wage, provide a path to advancement, and are high-quality, meaning they include employer-sponsored health insurance and non-wage-based benefits such as childcare or transportation support, access to training, and adherence to health and safety standards.

and rising incomes

for everyone.

If our region is to flourish, access to opportunity must not be defined by race or place. Through everything we do, there must be deliberate attention to eliminating systemic race-based inequities in employment and income and finding solutions to end concentrated poverty.