Commemorating and Celebrating This Day of Freedom

This June 19th, the Fund for Our Economic Future observes the Juneteenth holiday commemorating the anniversary of the celebration sparked on June 19,1865, in Galveston, Texas as enslaved people learned of their emancipations. We do this not only as an honorable national observance, but more appropriately because at the very core of our organization lies a system of values that aims to advance racial justice and bolster initiatives that remove the barriers which exclude Black Americans from freedoms afforded to others in our country and in our region.

Grounded in an intentional path towards lasting change among systemic injustices both nationally and regionally across Northeast Ohio, the Fund for Our Economic Future is committed to advance solutions for these recurring and widespread inequities. We see, time and time again, the critical importance of job access, job preparation, and job creation as opportunity-building pathways to challenge and alter systemic racism. Thus, our progressive body of work year over year, together with our network of partners, funders, and civic and community leaders, remains committed to collectively uplifting efforts that support good jobs and rising incomes for everyone— regardless of race or place—both in dialogue and ideation, across our organizational structure, and in the policies, practices, and partnerships we engage in across our region.

Our 2018 report, The Two Tomorrows, brings to light the widespread effect of such systemic racial exclusion in Northeast Ohio’s economy. And, as evident in The Paradox Prize, we call out the transportation paradox that disproportionately keeps some resident groups from good-paying career opportunities (and offer solutions like business development in neighborhoods of need, among others). Explore our most recent Where Are the Workers and Strengthening Workplaces initiatives for insights on pandemic-induced, only further-deepened inequities for non-white residents of Northeast Ohio—and most importantly learn how employers, workforce practitioners, funders and policymakers can make informed decisions to help address these challenges, and close the gaps for an equitable economic future all.

We invite you to join us in observing, commemorating, and celebrating this day of freedom by attending these events and more Northeast Ohio:

Akron Urban League


Cleveland (Axios)

Cleveland ThirdSpace Action Lab

Lorain County

Mahoning Valley/Youngstown

More Events Around Northeast Ohio