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Op-ed: Being a bad employer is never a competitive advantage

As job growth slows and the potential for a recession looms, how much longer will employers care about what workers want and need? My answer: There is no labor market in which being a bad employer is a competitive advantage.
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2022 Community Leader of the Year: Sean Watterson

The Fund for Our Economic Future formalized the work Watterson had been doing informally by selecting him to lead a one-year project on how to help the local hospitality industry.
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Lack of data makes it tough to measure true scope of teacher shortage

Educators in the report — broadly, people working in education, but not just teachers — were more likely on average to say they had too much to do at work, Addison said. More educators had reported calling in sick due to burnout in the past year. And while educators weren't leaving the field en masse during the pandemic, Addison said she thought they were more likely to leave this year.
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What makes a business an employer of choice?

The organization Bethia Burke leads, the Fund for Our Economic Future, recently has surveyed thousands of workers and hundreds of employers. And those surveys make it clear, Burke said, that beyond competitive wages, businesses that want to be an employer of choice need to create workplaces with better communication and more flexibility.
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Our Blog

Where Are the Teachers?

How did Northeast Ohio educators fare in the pandemic, and what do they want and need out of work? Here’s what they told us.
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Jobs to People; People to Jobs

The coverage emphasizes the economic imperative of growing job hubs and advancing mobility solutions, strategies shaped and advanced by the Fund for Our Economic Future for more than a decade.
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On Juneteenth…

As this holiday enters the mainstream—declared a national holiday just last year—it’s important for us to remember that truly honoring the struggle that Black people have faced and continue to overcome cannot start and end at Juneteenth.
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Replay: Webinar on Working-Age Adult Survey Data

On June 8, we hosted a public webinar showcasing the latest insights from our working-age adult survey and sharing what's next for this work. Watch the replay and access slides from the presentation here.
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