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Manufacturers Can’t Find Workers. Where’d They Go?

Contributed by Ethan Karp to Forbes Manufacturers are not alone in wondering what has happened to the shrinking base of American workers over the last two
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Where Are the Workers? Project launches website with new data and insights for Northeast Ohio

CLEVELAND, Ohio — Where Are the Workers?, a multiphase project delving into the labor shortage in Northeast Ohio, has created a new website to share its findings.
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2022 Women of Note: Bethia Burke

Bethia Burke does not really like to talk about herself, but if you get her started, she has no problem talking at length about her work at the Fund for Our Economic Future.
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Wean Foundation Board of Directors Meets at Amphitheater

Bethia Burke, president of the Cleveland-based Fund for Our Economic Future, was the guest speaker at the meeting. She shared insights from her fund’s “Where are the Workers” analysis.
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Our Blog

On Juneteenth…

As this holiday enters the mainstream—declared a national holiday just last year—it’s important for us to remember that truly honoring the struggle that Black people have faced and continue to overcome cannot start and end at Juneteenth.
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Replay: Webinar on Working-Age Adult Survey Data

On June 8, we hosted a public webinar showcasing the latest insights from our working-age adult survey and sharing what's next for this work. Watch the replay and access slides from the presentation here.
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Courting Talent: Empathy as a Competitive Advantage

The data emerging from this survey offer an unprecedented look into the hearts and minds of Northeast Ohio’s workforce, with statistically significant insights into residents of 11 counties that we can examine through nearly endless permutations of demographics, geography and industry.
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Getting from Here to There

In today’s tight labor market, your next best welder, computer programmer or nurse aid may not have a vehicle to get to you.
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