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The Metropolitan Revolution stresses the essential role strong core cities need play in sustaining a region’s economic growth. Job growth in northeast Ohio continues to disperse away from central business districts. Sadly, entire neighborhoods have experienced little of our region’s nascent recovery.

To address these gaps, the Fund for Our Economic Future, a philanthropic collaboration, is renewing its commitment and refining its work toward a future where all people, not just some, benefit from our region’s prosperity. In this approach, core cities will not be left behind.

Fund members, who represent nearly 50 foundations and institutions in and around Cleveland, Akron, Youngstown, and Canton, see this as an economic imperative as much as an ethical one. Northeast Ohio—like much of the country—faces serious inequality issues that threaten to stall our growth. By ensuring that our core cities see the benefits of economic growth, we will help alleviate inequality and make our positive momentum more sustainable.

Late last year, the fund issued a call to action to leaders in the public, private, and civic sectors in greater Northeast Ohio. We hope to gain their support in adopting a set of strategies that simultaneously address job creation, job preparation and job access. These three components make up the fund’s formula for a stronger, more sustainable economy, which we call “Growth and Opportunity.” The fund believes that these strategies must be intertwined to be successful, and they must also bind local communities—particularly those that have been left behind—to the larger regional economy.

The fund does this by bringing its growth and opportunity approach to the local level in ways that can serve as a model throughout the region. 

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