Are You a Budding Entrepreneur in Akron? Let's Talk

Our Fund's Akron Entrepreneurship Fellow shares her enthusiasm for the entrepreneurial activity happening in Summit County, and how she is working to keep the momentum going. 

A Balanced, Coordinated Menu of Workforce Services

Bethia Burke, the Fund's director of strategy and resource allocation, implores: Let's find ways to work together and use resources more efficiently so individuals can access a well-balanced set of workforce services. The WorkAdvance model is a good place to start.

Projects Have Elyria's South Side on Cusp of Change

The Chronicle-Telegram features "State of South Elyria" event at which our Fund's Director of Regional Engagement Kevin Alin presented.

Collaboration, Not Coblaboration

Chris Thompson of Civic Collaboration Consultants reflects on the essential elements of effective collaboration, or how to avoid its evil twin, coblaboration, in this post on the Tamarack Institute's blog.

What Does it Take to Be a Thought Leader?

New Year reflections on the power of communications and influence building.

WorkAdvance Puts Low-wage Workers on Path to Higher Pay

Olivera Perkins of The Plain Dealer writes about the promising results of the WorkAdvance pilot, which our Fund supported. "There is a quality of life issue in the kinds of jobs individuals got," Bethia Burke of the Fund is quoted.  


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