Northeast Ohio Sentiments on Poverty

ideastream's latest Listening Project focused on the Northeast Ohio community's sentiments on poverty. Mike Shafarenko, formerly of the Fund and now manager of civic engagement, web and social media at ideastream, shares some of the interesting conclusions that emerged through the process.

New Book Chapter About Our Fund!

Our Fund is the subject of a book chapter by Emily Garr Pacetti, formerly of our Fund and now with The Rockefeller Foundation, in Community Quality-of-Life Indicators: Best Cases VII.

Explaining the Cost of Living Myth

"The combination of our growth patterns and lack of transit options come with significant consequences. Not only are our residents facing comparatively higher costs of living, but this geographic disconnect means people are cut off from jobs, and businesses are cut off from talent," writes Fund President Brad Whitehead in this column for Community Leader magazine.

Lessons from the Hometown Summit

Fund Akron Entrepreneurship Fellow Heather Roszczyk shares her top five takeaways from the recent Hometown Summit, a gathering for community leaders from small and mid-sized cities, in Charlottesville, Virginia. 

No Car, No Job; No Job, No Car

Kevin Alin, our director of regional engagement, observes how increasingly in Northeast Ohio, employment is contingent upon having reliable access to a vehicle. Without one, many jobseekers are stuck in a cycle of no car, no job, no job, no car.

Can Separate Communities Achieve Results Through Collaboration?

Charlottesville Tomorrow reports on the Tom Tom Founders Festival's closing panel on collaboration, on which our President Brad Whitehead was a speaker.


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