Jobs and the Intersector

The Intersector Project blog recently referenced our Emily Garr Pacetti's post on Living Cities, saying that it presents a persuasive case for the connection between intersector collaboration and job creation. The Intersector Project Chairman Frank Weil expanded on this topic. His entry is re-posted below in its entirety.

WANTED: Job, Training and a Bus Pass

In a new post on Living Cities, our Director of Research and Evaluation Emily Garr Pacetti explores how recent research tells us that innovation and education are critical to long-term economic growth (income, gross metropolitan product and productivity), and that more must be done to ensure that low-income people are prepared with the skills they need to compete in today's marketplace.

Striving to Be a "First Mover"

Our Fund's Director of Regional Engagement Chris Thompson shares learnings from a recent Brookings Institution Forum with other U.S. metros on the challenges facing each region's economic growth efforts.  

Growth & Opportunity Framing Paper

In a new publication from the Fund for Our Economic Future, Director of Research and Evaluation Emily Garr Pacetti distills the growing body of research indicating a link between economic inequality and economic growth, and offers up a "Growth & Opportunity" framework as a lens through which practitioners might think about collaborative approaches to address this issue. Connecting growth and opportunity requires a significant shift in how communities work together, Garr Pacetti writes, to design and implement their economic and community development strategies around job creation, job preparation and job access.

2013 Annual Report

2013 -- Our Fund's first year of Phase 4 resulted in nearly 2,300 jobs created, $153 million of payroll added and $575 in capial raised.   Over the past ten years, our efforts have helped bring nearly 15,000 jobs, more than $550 million in payroll and exceeded $3 billion in capital attracted to our region.

WorkAdvance Nominated As Top Workforce Initiative

CLEVELAND--March 21, 2014--WorkAdvance, an innovative local workforce program that has helped 294 individuals enter promising careers and has engaged 305 companies to strengthen their talent pool, was nominated by manufacturing economic development organization WIRE-Net for Great Lakes Manufacturing Council’s Talented Workforce Initiative. The 30 nominees include programs in cities in seven states and two provinces, as well as four US and Canadian national programs.

Vibrant NEO: A Vision and Framework for the Future of Northeast Ohio

CLEVELAND--March 21, 2014--With support from the Fund for Our Economic Future, the Northeast Ohio Sustainable Communities Consortium recently delivered Vibrant NEO 2040, a regional vision,  and tools for making Northeast Ohio more vibrant, resilient and sustainable.  The Vibrant NEO Vision, Framework and Action Products describe in detail the roadmap, initiatives, policy changes and leadership needed to create a stronger region.  In particular, the Fund’s interest and support for this unprecedented initiative ensured the  robust regional collaboration needed to create the Vision It

Use Cleveland-East Cleveland merger to build a regional approach to problem-solving

Plain Dealer Columnist Brent Larkin interviewed Fund member Dave Abbott, executive director of the George Gund Foundation, about the advantages of developing a more regional approach to addressing the priorities facing our communities. 

The context for the column was the possibility of a merger between the cities of Cleveland and East Cleveland.

Grant to Advance Biomedical Industry

CLEVELAND--Dec. 4, 2013--The Fund for Our Economic Future announced it has awarded a one-year grant of up to $550,000 to BioEnterprise to advance efforts to strengthen the growing bioscience industry in Northeast Ohio. The grant award was made on Tuesday, Dec. 3, by a vote of the Funders Committee, the Fund’s governing board.

The Fund is a philanthropic collaboration of more than 50 foundations and organizations committed to advancing a growing, opportunity-rich economy for the people of Northeast Ohio.


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