Closing the Skills Gap Becoming a Focus in Cleveland and Washington, D.C.

By Olivera Perkins, The Plain Dealer

Philadelphia Fed Publication Features Q&A with Brad Whitehead

The summer issue of Cascade, the community development publication of the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, features a Q&A with President Brad Whitehead, who shares key lessons learned at the helm of our Fund, which marks its 10-year anniversary in 2014. Click here to read the full story.

Job Growth, Without Smart Planning, Can Still Leave Many Behind

Northeast Ohio, its economic challenges, and proposed solutions (inclusive growth strategies) are featured prominently in this post on the Confronting Suburban Poverty in America blog. Our Fund's Emily Garr Pacetti, director of research and evaluation, who was interviewed for the post, notes the "surprising disconnect between job growth and income gains that challenges this region and many others to look at growth more sustainably than in the past." Garr Pacetti says that "collaborative, and, importantly, regional approaches can better help connect growth and opportunity for residents." 

Elevating the Conversation on Economic Success

Emily Garr Pacetti, our director of research and evaluation, writes about how research, our own and that of others, challenged us to raise the bar on economic opportunity beyond “jobs.” We propose a Growth & Opportunity framework that bridges the disconnect between the “growth camp” (economic development agencies, chambers of commerce) and “opportunity camp” (social service providers, non-profits, and foundations) at two levels: cross-sector collaboration and logal-regional collaboration. This post originally appeared on The Intersector Project blog.


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