Attention Cross-Sector Collaboration Champions: Are We Forgetting the Public Sector?

The Intersector Project Executive Director Neil Britto asked a provocative question recently in RouteFiftyAre those of us who seek to improve cross-sector collaboration in the United States to improve public welfare forgetting what could be our most important client — the public sector? Our Chris Thompson, director of regional engagement, responds with his own observations on engaging the public sector in cross-sector collaborations here

We're All Connected

In this guest blog post, John T. Petures Jr., president and CEO of the Akron Community Foundation, writes about the importance of understanding the specific issues affecting our region’s individual communities, as well as their interconnectedness, in order to address them properly. He shares findings from the Foundation's recent report, Creating Measurable Community Impact, which examines and evaluates immediate and emerging issues facing Summit County.   

2014 Annual Report: Better Together

2014 marked the second year of our fourth three-year phase, and the beginning of our 11th year as a Fund. Together, we committed to advancing both economic growth and equitable access to opportunity; we increased civic alignment; we supported strategic efforts to advance both Growth & Opportunity; and we strengthened philanthropy's influence in the region. Indeed, 2014 reinforced that we are better together. 

Growth and Opportunity: Northeast Ohio's Imperative

Robert Jaquay, associate director of the George Gund Foundation and vice president of our Fund, writes on Brookings' The Avenue blog that in our Growth & Opportunity approach to transforming the economy, "core cities will not be left behind." We must improve job creation, preparation and access on the local level and use these learnings to influence other efforts around the region.

Looking Up, Seeing Ceilings: MAGNET's Approach to Innovation for Small to Mid-sized Manufacturers

In a blog post on Brookings' The Avenue this month, Ethan Karp, vice president of client services and marketing at MAGNET and director of its PRISM program, and Dan Berry, MAGNET president and CEO, highlight the program-related investment our Fund helped coordinate with other funders for its PRISM program. The innovative funding mechanism is helping PRISM help manufacturers innovate. How about that for a win-win? 


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