“Collaborate More” is Common Advice, But How?

Chris Thompson's "Collaboration: A Handbook from the Fund for Our Economic Future," gets at the how of collaboration, and shares what it takes to design, facilitate and sustain effective collaborations that can catalyze enduring, positive community change.

Fund for Our Economic Future Publishes Handbook on Collaboration, Offers to Sponsor Diagnostics

Author Chris Thompson captures know-how honed over more than a decade, provides "how to" and checklists for successful collaboration

An Honest Reckoning

"We need to start by seeing and acknowledging the systemic inequity that exists in every setting," writes Christine Mayer, president of GAR Foundation. "Only after that honest reckoning can we begin to strategize on how we can create different, more equitable outcomes."

Don’t Test the Fish, Question the Groundwater

Our Chair Brian Frederick, president and CEO of the Community Foundation of Lorain County, reflects on a racial equity workshop he recently attended and how we might really internalize diversity, inclusion and equity.

Source Lunch with ... Heather Roszczyk

Crain's Cleveland Business has lunch with our Fund's Akron Entrepreneurship Fellow Heather Roszczyk. "The amount of organic growth and activity that's been happening in Akron over the past three years is staggering," she tells Sue Walton. "I'm just here to help fan the flames." 


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