Connecting to a Career. Extraordinary.

Fund grantee Towards Employment chooses to be extraordinary. In this blog, Executive Director Jill Rizika shares how Towards Employment is working to advance the job preparation priorities laid out in our Two Tomorrows report.

Cuyahoga County Putting Together Jobs Program

Crain's shares news of coming collaborative program from Cuyahoga County to close the talent gap in three industries. As stated in our Two Tomorrows report, job preparation is a team sport requiring high performance and increased alignment across a variety of institutions. This is a great example of such alignment.

Crain's Editorial: Up for a Challenge?

This Crain's editorial calls for increased focus in job creation, job preparation and job access, echoing many of the recommendations in our Fund's Two Tomorrows report. It also references our Fund's Kevin Alin and Peter Truog's urging that our region maximize its participation in the new federal Opportunity Zones program.

The Race for Economic Opportunity is About to Begin. Who is Ready?

Our Fund's Kevin Alin and Peter Truog write on the Brookings Institution blog about new federal program Opportunity Zones and its potential to shape the landscape of inclusive economic growth across the country.


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