New Book Chapter About Our Fund!

Our Fund is the subject of a book chapter by Emily Garr Pacetti, formerly of our Fund and now with The Rockefeller Foundation, in Community Quality-of-Life Indicators: Best Cases VII.

Building Collaboration from the Inside Out

A new research report from Grantmakers for Effective Organizations offers guidance on how grantmakers and nonprofits can build their collaboration muscle.

Growth & Opportunity Framing Paper

In a new publication from the Fund for Our Economic Future, Director of Research and Evaluation Emily Garr Pacetti distills the growing body of research indicating a link between economic inequality and economic growth, and offers up a "Growth & Opportunity" framework as a lens through which practitioners might think about collaborative approaches to address this issue. Connecting growth and opportunity requires a significant shift in how communities work together, Garr Pacetti writes, to design and implement their economic and community development strategies around job creation, job preparation and job access.

Catalyzing Regional Economic Transformation

In November 2013 the Fund for Our Economic Future and the Knight Foundation jointly issued a report: Catalyzing Regional Economic Transformation. The report defines six key lessons learned during the Fund's work to date that we believe are helpful to philanthropic and civic leaders across the country who are working to strengthen their respective regional economies.

Download the report.

What Matters to Metros

A new analysis of 115 mid-sized metropolitan areas between 1990 and 2011 suggests that local and regional stakeholders would benefit from a reassessment of what it means to grow and to thrive in a post-recession economy, according to the Fund for Our Economic Future.

Ag-Bioscience Cluster in NEO

The report Defining Northeast Ohio Cluster Opportunities in the Ag-Bioscience Sector found that  Ag-bioscience is a highly complex economic sector, composed of 97 raw material production-related industries; 57 conversion-related industries; and 183 industries involved in the use or modification of ag-bioscience materials in the production of food, energy, and materials products.

TEAM NEO Year-End 2012 Regional Economic Development Report

A recap of the very busy -- but very good -- year in Northeast Ohio thanks to improving economic numbers and the significant visibility we received due to the presidential campaigns.

2012 Venture Capital Report

The report shows that in 2012, 108 Greater Cleveland companies raised more than $212 million from venture capitalists, corporate and angel investors, representing a 34% increase over 2011.

Wind Feasibility Study

The Fund contributed $200,000 to a study of the feasibility of placing wind turbines in Lake Erie. The study was led by Cuyahoga County Energy Development Task Force.

The Fusion of Inclusion; Expanding Minorities' Technology-Sector Presence is Critical to Fueling Northeast Ohio's Competitive Drive

This report is an attempt to quantify what is anecdotally observed: Few African-Americans and Latinos are participating – let alone creating new businesses and jobs for others – in Northeast Ohio’s technology sectors. This report attempts to understand the reasons and consequences for this disparity and craft strategies for connecting more minorities to the innovation economy.