Annual Reports

2017 Annual Report: Celebrating 15 Years

Our 2017 Annual Report celebrates 15 incredible years of Fund history through an online, interactive 3-D timeline. A downloadable one-page summary is also available. 

2016 Annual Report: A Learning Laboratory

2016 - The Fund for Our Economic Future is in many ways a "learning laboratory," where philanthropy comes together to advance and share research on how to increase Northeast Ohio’s economic competitiveness; test new approaches to solving age-old problems; learn from one another what works in other parts of the region and put those lessons into action; and work with local communities to strengthen assets and build capacity on the ground in ways that connect to the regional economy. Underpinning all of this is our commitment to Growth & Opportunity (G&O for short) -- which is at the heart of our 2016-2018 Strategic Direction. Read more on our progress in this year's report. 

2015 Annual Report + Network Map

2015 -- In this report, we celebrate our successes of 2015 and the last three years of our work overall, using our know-how as a guiding frame. Leveraging our member network greatly enhances our ability to drive change. This member network is featured prominently in a fold-out map included with the report. 

2014 Annual Report: Better Together

2014 marked the second year of our fourth three-year phase, and the beginning of our 11th year as a Fund. Together, we committed to advancing both economic growth and equitable access to opportunity; we increased civic alignment; we supported strategic efforts to advance both Growth & Opportunity; and we strengthened philanthropy's influence in the region. Indeed, 2014 reinforced that we are better together. 

2013 Annual Report

2013 -- Our Fund's first year of Phase 4 resulted in nearly 2,300 jobs created, $153 million of payroll added and $575 in capial raised.   Over the past ten years, our efforts have helped bring nearly 15,000 jobs, more than $550 million in payroll and exceeded $3 billion in capital attracted to our region.

2012 Annual Report

2012 -- Phase 3 is completed. The Fund raised an additional $15.3 million and awarded $18.6 million in grants to regional economic competitiveness

2011 Annual Report

2011 -- As the Fund's work has broader and deeper impact in Northeast Ohio, it becomes more important to "weave" the efforts together.

2010 Annual Report

2010  -- Phase 2 closes and the goals for Phase 3 are announced: Accelerate job and income growth in Northeast Ohio 2 ) Reduce impediments to the region’s long-term economic growth and 3 ) Sustain the region’s economic competitiveness work over the long-term.

2009 Annual Report

2009 -- The report highlights many of Northeast Ohio's most promising companies.

2008 Annual Report

2008 -- Among the successes was $318 million in growth capital raised by the region's most promising companies, more than twice the amount raised in 2006.